About us

1. Why was “ Nesakkaram“ started ?
It was created to assist war victims, children who lost their parents and to promote self confidence among lonely and widowed women for their future living.

2. How does Nesakkaram identify those in need?
The workers of Nesakkaram personally visit those in need of help in their village and district levels and provide detailed reports to the working body.

Based on the information collected, they will be provided with basic needs for education and living.
Due to a lack of contacts and communications during the war time, most of their needs were met via the rehabilitation organizations and rehabilitation organizations for women.
After May 2009, the support was provided only after personal meetings by the staff of Nesakkaram.

3. How do we get the funds and who donates?
After May 2009, the donations were received from friends of Nesakkaram based on individuals needs.
Presently Nesakkaram has extended its network among foreigners.

4. How are the donations utilized?
Currently they are focused on self employment and to promote the status of the children.
Investments and supplies were provided to start small scale handicraft works, educational expenses for the children and university students.
The achievements are informed to the contributors and well wishers. The relevant documents are only for the contributors.
After 2009, new friends have been included to support the organization.

5. How can one be sure of the reliability of Nesakkaram?
The achievements are published on our website for viewers and individual documents are provided personally to all our contributors.

6. How can you contact Nesakkaram?
Via ‘Skype’ , Telephone and e.mail

7. How can I make a contribution?
Through our bank account or Paypal. Please contact us for further details.