The chicken chicks donate for Malayarkaddu Village people

Malayarkaddu village is a war affected village on the border of Batticlo. In this village, Nessakaram has already helped, but the current problem is there are several people who are mentally affected.  In the Malayarkaddu village, the Nesakkaram organization offered 1000 Chicken chicks to 44 people who are in deep poverty on the 01.10.2013. For the chicken chicks 15000 rupees were donated by Canada Ravi, Suresh and their friends, these people have already helped 32 families by providing them with farming needs.

The bright future organizer Janan, Dinesh,committee members,GS Gugathasan,Kajenthiran and  the local population also attended.

Posted in Latest News, October 4th, 2013 | nesakkaram