The first victory of Union of Student Promotion – Nesakkaram

Our sub-organization Union of Student Promotion, which has been produced by the engineering and science students those who are picked out for university, under the guidance and the Executive of Union of Student Promotion we have conducted Training classes for mathematics and science subjects with four sessions in a month period for the students those who scored average in GCE 2013.

The teaching held at four stations of War victims in Batticaloa District, We elected Karatiyanaru, Unnichchai, pullumalai, koppaveli,Urugamam,Kithul,iluppatticenai, karatiyanaru, pankutaveli, korakallimatu,cognitively, Gran, karuvakkeni, mutalaikkuta, Mankato,makilatittivu for the above teaching session

In the first project to test a sample of 520 students, we had organized training sessions and mock tests, Responsibility of Union of Student Promotion representatives is to provide Complete support for the planning of teaching for those scholars who has gained good scores in our mock test till they getting selected for university.

Our organization is helping to the representatives of union of student promotion for their university education, USP is not only developing them shelf with the help they receive from us, they are working to develop the younger generation of their community

Our sincere thanks to UPS for providing first-class training to poor kids.  Additionally, they are not getting any extra expenses for  visiting the places we elected and for the course plans, booklets they have specially made to students.

And also we are very thankful to Mr. Thavendira Raja from US, and one more person for financial support to extend this task.


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